Retirement Plan Services

Fiduciary Guidance

Fiduciary is the new “F” word in the retirement plan universe. Don’t let these new regulations scare you. Pension Point will help you:

  • Understand your responsibility as a fiduciary
  • Identify and Train all fiduciaries in your organization
  • Develop a process to evaluate responsibilities
  • Decide which responsibilities to retain and which to outsource
  • Develop a process to manage the retained responsibilities (Investment Policy Statement)

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Plan Benchmarking & Vendor Analysis

At Pension Point we help our plan sponsors properly benchmark their plans every 3-5 years in accordance with DOL best practices.  Additionally, we help our clients through the process of vendor selection and monitoring.

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Investment Advisory Services

At Pension Point we help business owners select appropriate funds to put into their plans, monitor those funds ongoing, and determine if or when to replace investment managers. We use our customized monitoring system to monitor plan investments and recommend changes in the plan as necessary.

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Participant Experience

At the heart of all of this lies the participant.  Our hands on approach gives your employee the care and attention they deserve.  From one-on-one employee meetings to risk analysis software to pinpoint tolerance, Pension Point creates an environment where participants have the opportunity to thrive.

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